The William Wesley Peters Library at Taliesin West is the official depository for:

Books, periodicals and other media associated with the Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

The library's core collection was created when William Wesley Peters donated his personal library to the School in the 1980's. The collection has grown substantially since.

Read an excerpt from a public address at Yale University by Wes in 1963.

The library serves the research needs of the Taliesin educational community and the wider community of architectural and design scholars interested in its special collections. Although the Library is not open to the public, scholars have access to the collections by appointment, at 480-860-2700+556 or

The William Wesley Peters Library accepts monetary and in-kind donations.

> Organic Architecture Bibliography

The original core of the Library's collection came from the personal library of Frank Lloyd Wright's first apprentice, the late William Wesley Peters, and chronicles the history of the Taliesin Fellowship from its inception in 1932. In 1996, as part of the effort to assist in the NAAB accreditation process, numerous people, including architects formerly affiliated with Taliesin, donated personal book collections to the Library. Additionally, many libraries contributed books and periodicals.

Acquisitions of current publications in architecture and the arts are ongoing. The William Wesley Peters Library presently contains over 31,000 catalogued volumes, including:

> Periodicals
> State and Federal documents
> Maps
> Sound recordings
> Videos
> Architectural archives which include books and pamphlets, slides, photographs, drawings, collateral materials, correspondence, and other documents.

The mission of the William Wesley Peters Library is fourfold:
> To provide information resources to the faculty, staff, and students of the School and the Foundation
> To collect, preserve, and conserve published materials regarding the architectural and design legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright
> To enhance awareness of the lifetime work of Frank Lloyd Wright.